Friday, June 1, 2007

Marketing water

I've written about marketing before in this blog, and in other blogs. But I've never written about marketing water. Yet that is just what ignition, Inc. is going to do.

ignition, Inc. is an experiential marketing and media resource, delivering strategically-focused, highly targeted, relevant brand messaging for its clients. The premier provider of human interactive media, ignition brings brands to life through multi-sensory activations that engage, educate and entertain target consumers. Started in 1997 by Mark "Dill" Driscoll and his wife, Susan, the company has more than 50 full time employees and is headquartered in Atlanta....

ignition is proud to be producing the inaugural Blue Planet Run.

As David Christof and others wear out pairs of shoes, ignition, Inc. will be handling the logistics.

95 days on the road through 16 different countries with a team of 20 runners and almost as many support staff, scouts and crew, requires some planning. Many have told us it is an absurd amount of planning. Some have said it is impossible....

Beginning in New York City, the runners will be joined by a team of professionals from ignition, inc. who are experienced in producing an event of this magnitude. At any given time, a runner will have in their line of sight a vehicle carrying three people: a driver, a route manager and a medical professional. Other members of the team will be staged further ahead or behind the runner to scout any potential road hazards, perform media-related duties or set-up a designated exchange point, awaiting the runner's arrival so the next can start his/her journey.

Ensuring the safety of the runners for more than 15,000 miles is the highest priority. Nighttime runners will have van/motorcycle escorts in certain places.


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