Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I missed the Cable Airport story, but I have happier memories of the place

Let's go to late 2003 or so. Most of the exchange students that we've hosted have attended larger high schools. One of the advantages of this is that the larger high schools have programs that smaller schools just can't offer.

Such as aeroscience.

So one day our exchange student and her class (including Lucy Garcia) went off to Cable Airport, went up in the air, and flew a plane.

No, the students weren't alone in the planes. Or if they were, our exchange student neglected to tell us.

Fast forward.

UPLAND, California (AP) - A twin-engine plane lost power and slammed into homes east of Los Angeles on Monday while approaching a small airport for landing.

The Piper Seneca, with two people on board, was approaching Cable Airport when it lost power and crashed into three homes in Upland....

This is all I know. When I first moved to California I lived about a mile away from Cable, but I don't know exactly where the plane landed.


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