Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just a bunch of links

My mind wanders at times. Here's where it went one day.

Positive Liberty claims that the lyrics of "My Sweet Lord" express George Harrison's syncretic faith.

Black Apologetics compares Krishna and Jesus Christ.

Wikipedia and the Catholic Encyclopedia have articles on syncretism.

Rick Ross links George Harrison to ISKCON, and cites conflicting statements about whether the Hare Krishnas are or are not Hindu.

One of the people that Ross cites, Larry D. Shinn, is currently the President of Berea College.

But Rick Ross is not universally adored, and is here characterized as a convicted jewel thief who was partially responsible for the Waco tragedy.

The anonymous writer at Rick Ross Exposed harps on the convictions. The writer claims to be Christian, from the Church of Jesus Christ.

Rather than just linking, I want to quote from Barbara Schwarz:

Why would anybody intelligent ask Rick Ross for information on
religions? He has a bad criminal record and was also involved in the
deadly Waco mess as advisor. If he would be worth any money, he would
have advised the government on nabbing Koresh outside on his weekly
shopping sprees and prevent any disaster.

Rick Ross is a also a deprogrammer (kidnapping and breaking of faith).
I had to go through that ordeal myself, and I am telling you the only
place Rick Ross belongs is behind bars....

The persecution of Scientology is German originated. Seems the SEGNPMSS
hires "Jews" like Rick Ross, Dave Touretzky or Benji Hallahmi to
persecute SCN and other religions on behalf of the psychs so that the
Germans are not being blamed but Jews on this kind of persecution. One
day when Scientology is vindicated the German psychs will say: "We
didn't do it, the Jews did it."

And from Rick Ross:

The so-called "Religious Freedom Watch" website is run by Scientology.

And the site "Rick Ross Exposed" is run by Brett Mason who says he has
"personally been, and [is] still involved...with...groups and people"
that have been called "'cults.'"

The information posted at Mason's website about my past was originated
by the Church of Scientology.

(Incidentally, I could find nothing else about Brett Mason on the web.)

But there are other organizations that Rick Ross doesn't care for, including Jews for Jesus and Calvary Chapel.

And, by the way, Chuck Smith has taken a stab at the Calvinism-Arminianism debate.

But then adherents.org claims that Calvary Chapel attacked the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, although in my view the woman cited in the story is not reflecting Lutheran teachings. Again I quote:

There was a Lady who came to church here at Calvary Chapel invited by some of her friends, and she was visiting here from Missouri. And she happen to belong to the Missouri Senate Lutheran Church, and after service she came up to me, and she was shaking, she was so angry. She said," why didn't you face the alter when you prayed." I mean she was really upset. And I said,"what?" she said," when you prayed you didn't turn and face the alter, why didn't you?" I said," well, I guess because I don't think Jesus lives in the alter." But the traditions you see:" why didn't you turn towards the statue of Jesus when you prayed?" But by traditions there is the violation of the commandment of God that says, we're not to have any images.

(Incidentally, I think that Chuck Smith knows that LCMS is a synod, not a senate. I assume that this is a transcription error by adherents.org.)

And that's where I ended. What a long strange trip it's been. Whoops, wrong singer.

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