Saturday, June 23, 2007

I found Kodaira, and now I can blog about sewers while eating fries

As I mentioned previously, this blog is getting visits from Kodaira, even though I didn't have the slightest idea where Kodaira was.

Turns out it's part of Tokyo.

city, Tokyo Metropolis (to), Honshu, Japan, in the Musashino Plateau, on the Shinjuku Line (railway). The surrounding area was developed as an agricultural region after the construction of a water supply system in the mid-1600s.

The six known wi-fi hotspots are all located in McDonalds.

The city's website is here, but I can't find an English page. I Babelfished the mayor's greeting, getting all the joys of a Babelfish translation:

Welcome, to the home page of Kodaira city

As for Kodaira city, city system is enforced in 1962 October, we enter today as the cultural city life city population approximately 18 ten thousand.

The Kodaira green load which utilizes the rich natural environment which is succeeded from the past of the Tamagawa clean water and the like (the city lap green way) it is in the city.

In that roadside, the work of the master flat comb Tanaka old man of the Japanese modern woodcraft boundary is displayed the "Kodaira city flat comb Tanaka sculpture fine arts museum", can observe the sewer directly, "it comes in contact and the sewer mansion", the concert and cultural entertainments are opened, "the Kodaira citizen cultural center (ルネ is densely to be, and others)" and so on there is the facility, as a walking road to be the citizen it has become familiar.

How it keeps advancing the waiting making to which Kodaira city utilized the Kodaira specific regional power such as historical traditional cultural natural features future, has feature, it starts becoming topic. The citizen and administration uniting partnership, Kodaira city we think that we would like to keep making the highest waiting which you can think that it was possible to live. Because because of that it starts tackling by all power, understanding of everyone of the citizen we request cooperation.

In addition, this home page is as information of city government and Kodaira city is dispatched to everyone of the citizen as the mediation part which connects the citizen and the administration such as that, merit and the specialty etc. densely to be, and others it is splendid, it draws up the fact that it keeps ADVERTISING widely as purpose.

If you expect that it keeps producing what where the encounter in the home page is new can move asidealsovarious opinions we have prayed.

Mayor Kodaira

And no, the references to sewers above were NOT a flawed Babelfish translation, as this page testifies:

Fureai Gesuidou-kan (Museum of the Sewerage)
TEL: 042-326-7411
FAX: 042-326-9266

Monday (If a Monday falls on a public holiday closed on the following day) and New Year period (Dec. 27 - Jan. 5)

In 1995, this museum is opened in commemoration of the 100% prevalence of public sewage system in Kodaira City. This museum, rise 2 stories above and 5 underground stories, easily explains the mechanism, history of sewer system and water situation in Kodaira City. Visitors can enter the actual sewer of 4.5meters inside diameter at 25meters underground from the 5th basement and experience the color and odor of sewage.

So, if some intrepid visitor from Kodaira visits this blog post one day, he or she is probably shaking his or her head (or performing the Japanese equivalent of head-shaking). All I know about this fair city is that there are five McDonalds with wi-fi, and a sewage museum. Kinda like saying that Chino, California has a prison and fireworks stands.

P.S. I did some further research on my Kodaira visitors, and it turns out some of them were interested in Gun Club. I thought guns were prohibited in Japan, but apparently "Sex Beat" isn't. And some person in the Tokyo metropolitan area is singing along:

very stupid like I told ya, very stupid like ya saw
very stupid as the simple thought of ever thinking at all


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