Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hello to all the people from Not Set!

If I wished, I could use Google Analytics to measure any attempts that I make to target blog readership from certain cities.

Of course, to do this, I first need to look at my baseline and see which cities are sending people here.

During the month of June, I have had visits from 287 cities, and it turns out that the most popular city is "(Not Set)." I had never heard of this city before, but it has sent a ton of people my way this month, and sent a ton here last month. So if you're from the city of (Not Set), hello!

The second most popular city is Los Angeles. Don't know if these people are Paris Hilton fans, Don Bolles fans, or perhaps Frank Black fans, but for some reason they're ending up here.

Here are a few other highlights from the list:

  • 3. Irvine

  • 4. New York

  • 5. San Francisco

  • 12. Helsinki

  • 19. Boston (haven't written much about Boston lately)

  • 62. Kodaira (never even heard of it)

  • 66. Levittown (perhaps Zippy the Pinhead?)

  • 119. Madison

  • 120. Moscow (baby seal clubbers insert their own joke about 119/120 here)

  • 165. Espoo

  • 191. Hanoi (!)

  • 248. Ontario (so much for my local presence)

  • 287. Provo


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