Monday, May 7, 2007

Then the world will live as one

I didn't want to deal with GE Money Bank, but it turned out that those who DO want to deal with GE Money Bank have their own problems with incompetent idiot telemarketers.

I...had one payment left on my $3000.00 loan for an elliptical Runner. My promotional period was set to expire on 2/15/07. Today in the mail I received a new bill with the full interest over the life of the loan now due in Full. A full month ahead of the specified period. I just got off the phone having spoken to 3 different outsourced call centers and various levels of "management" who all said that even though I'm trying to pay my Balance (minus the suddenly due interest) that they can't ..and won't waive the charges. I work at a bank and we have the ability to waive ANY fee's we charge as a financial institution. I know GE Money has the same capabilities.


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