Monday, May 7, 2007

In which Ontario Emperor (a/k/a "Kristin") refers to GE Money Bank telemarketers as incompetent idiots

It all started a few days ago when I got a call on my business cell phone from an unknown number. The caller was asking for (I thought) a "Christine" or a "Christian," I forget which. I simply stated that they had a wrong number.

A day or two later, someone called again (again, from an unknown number) asking for the same person. I again said that this was a wrong number.

The third time it happened, I asked who was calling, and was told that the call was for GE Money Bank. I made a note of the name of the company. With the persistence, I assumed that this was a collection call, but you never can tell - perhaps they were just selling a loan or something.

Fast forward to Saturday at 10:40 am. I had gotten bored at Scrapping Lounge and was taking a walk when I got a call from an unknown number again. This time I took notes, and I said my piece. I told the caller (Nicole) that I was not Kristin, told her my name, told her that I had had this phone number for several years, that I did not know a Kristin, and please do not call at this number again, and that if I did receive another call from GE Money Bank again, I would hold Nicole responsible. I forget whether I used the term "harrassment," but I might have. Somehow I knew, however, that this episode wasn't over.

Sunday morning around 8:15, while I was sitting in the pew at church, I got a call from an unknown number. I ignored it.

But I didn't ignore the call that I got Sunday morning at about 11:00, when I was shopping at Smart & Final. That day's caller was Jason. I reiterated that I was not Kristin, that I had this number for years, etc., etc. This time I did use the term "harrassment."

In addition, I mentioned that I had told all of this to Nicole and asked her not to call me again.

Jason checked the records and saw a "notation" that Saturday's call went to a wrong number.

If Jason and Nicole were part of an identifiable ethnic group, I could violate Finnish law right now by engaging in insults and defamation. However, I think that general insults and defamation don't violate Finnish law.

Thanks, GE Money Bank. Your repeated telemarketing calls and inability to remove me from your call list have really helped to convince me whether or not to ever use your services.

And your telemarketers are incompetent idiots.

To be continued?


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