Saturday, May 5, 2007

Speling Erors Relivve!

While writing my last post, I looked up something that I wrote in 2004:

June 19, 2004

On Spiders and Moadonna

Actually, I wasn't going to pimp my own blog, but I wanted to ask a question - why is the web a web? Why isn't it some other creation of some other animal? We're all accustomed to thinking of a spider creating this elaborate structure, but what if Al Gore had decided to use a different model - say, a bird's nest? All of the twigs in the bird's nest are tangled together, and mama bird constantly flies away from the nest to go to other places while the newbie birds just sit around and deal with worms. If anyone has any answers, please let me know. (Courtesy oempoweb)

I cannot remember the circumstances, but this is obviously my writing. I can tell because of the reference to "oempoweb" (a sub-web I was trying to create at the time), and also the reference to "Moadonna."

The tale of that word goes back to the mid 1980s or so, before the World Wide Web, when I was writing and contributing to a few zines here and there. I therefore took an interest in printed publications, and at one point bought a zine about dance music.

That zine made this blog look like High Lit. The misspellings in that zine boggled the mind. The capper was when this dance music rag misspelled the name of dance music's patron sinner (you couldn't call her a patron saint at the time - her red wristband period was years away).

Turns out there's nothing new under the sun - I wrote about Moadonna back in 2003:

One additional comment - back when I was writing a zine called Shuffleboard! in the late 1980s, I ran across some dance music publication (you know, the one where they state the bpm's for every song). Unfortunately, this was a very poorly written dance music publication, and the editor let the spelling "Moadonna" slip through in the publication!

And, according to Google, the word Moadonna appears on the net approximately 815 times. But the Chinese communists prefer Maodonna.

In a semi-unrelated tangent, here's a video of Broccoli Spears dancing and supposedly singing.

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