Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nutella for Adults - Symbol of Affluence, or Symbol of Rebellion?

Marty Robertson (whose credit card issues have been fully resolved) celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago. Since he's in Europe, he celebrated in a European way:

Our friend Jessica invited us over for crepes with toppings of fresh strawberries, bananas, and Nutella. Mr. Belly was very happy.

When my family was in Switzerland seven years ago, our host family served Nutella to their son and to our daughter. I arrived home a week before my daughter did, and ended up buying some Nutella from Pavilions as a surprise for her. However, by the time she returned from Switzerland, she was less enthusiastic about the spread.

So I just figured Nutella was a kid thing that people discarded as they aged. But Marty Robertson isn't the only adult who eats Nutella. Ferrero paints a flattering picture of the adult Nutella consumer:

After extensive consumer research, Ferrero determined American children were not eating the spread as much as adults. In fact, results showed a substantial proportion of household use was among adults. Specifically, these adult Nutella users tended to be more affluent, better educated, more sophisticated and experimental with food behavior.

I guess they don't serve Nutella in the Jerry Springer dressing rooms.

Or do they? I found another perspective on adult Nutella consumption.

first of all, if you think nutella should only be eaten with bread, or some such other carbohydrate source, i laugh in your face.
come on, you're not a child any more. nutella-on-toast is all about your mom *making* you have it that way. the whole *point* of buying nutella as an adult is that no one can tell you that you can't have it straight out of the jar (because you need bread, because of cooties, whatever). so why are you telling yourself just that? forget the carb-crutch. accept your independence. if you pay your own rent, and do your own laundry, all you need is a spoon.

Or maybe the two views are consistent. Perhaps "sophisticated" merely means "mom and dad don't tell ME what to do!"


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