Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We don't want The Man to tell us what to eat and drink!

So why is Fortitech opening a new facility in Ontario, California?

The West Coast's thirst for energy drinks has driven nutrient premix specialist Fortitech to open a new manufacturing facility in Califor[n]ia set to increase the company's production for the Western United States by 350 percent.

The supplier...purchased its original California plant - in Fontana - in 2003. This was followed by the construction of a brand new plant in Denmark in 2005, as well a similar project currently underway in Malaysia.

Each of the company's facilities fulfills a specific regional need. The new facility thereby signals increased demand in the Western premix market and, according to Fortitech, this is largely driven by the boom of the energy drink market....

Over half of the global premix market is destined for use in beverages, but what differentiates the market in the Western US is that is it particularly fragmented, said Fanion.

While the company's global headquarters in Schenectady, New York supply major multinational companies with huge premix orders, the existing Western facility sees orders designed for smaller scale specialty healthy products. As a result, Fortitech will have expanded botanical premix capabilities at the Ontario, California site.

The company's Western specialty premix clients include manufacturers of specialty drinks, organic products or granola bars - typically small scale 'mom and pop' companies....

As such, Fortitech's orders in the Western US are typically for a diverse range of smaller batches. Demand had not yet reached a crippling level for the capacity of the Fontana facility, but building a facility 14 miles down the road was seen as away to prepare for a market on the upswing....

Scheduled to be up and running by September 2007, the new plant will be 53,000 square feet and designed to produce over 7,000 tons of custom premixes per year.

So if you want to go in business with your health food or health drink idea, then you can get your supplies right in Ontario (presumably on the east side; the Ontario Mountain Village Association would have a fit if vitamins were spewing from a so-called residential area).


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