Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In a related story, retired National Lampoon editors have split to Africa

Followup (and, for the record, I read the 2005 post AFTER I came up with the title above. I guess I just innately associate Mr. Morrison with fraud that didn't even exist at the time of his death.).

I checked kbade's tags. There's a new scam.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus and American Kennel Club were to issue a warning today about fraudulent Web sites, MySpace postings and print ads asking people to help save puppies that are in desperate straits.

The sites and ads usually show adorable bulldog puppies that have become stuck somehow in Nigeria or other countries and are offered free to new owners....

People who responded to the ads eventually were asked to send hundreds of dollars to cover expenses such as shipping, customs, taxes and inoculations on an ever-escalating scale.

Some reported paying fees totaling more $1,500.

"It's like the Nigerian advance-fee scams we've been seeing for years, except with the face of a puppy," said Steve Cox, a council vice president.

No matter how much was paid, no puppies arrived.

Jose Mourinho had no comment.


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