Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dolfy was, like, out of this world


Positive Liberty alerted me to this article.

Adolf Hitler and other Nazi bonzes heeded predictions of pagan priests and astrologists. But little is known about the interest of the Third Reich in aliens. Ufologists in the West think that the issue was purposefully kept secret because a great share of the classified army and technology heritage of Nazis had been seized by countries of the anti-Hitler coalition....

Nazi researchers succeeded in development of nuclear bombs, other up-to-date armament and achieved a very high technological level in general. It is supposed that the success was thanks to contacts with aliens that were quite regular....

Ufologists several times supposed that some Nazi expedition probably came across a wrecked UFO and contacted its crew. That highly likely occurred in the Himalayas. Or maybe the Germans took an extraterrestrial crew prisoners or came across an alien base.

However, majority of researchers think that contacts between Germans and crews of crashed UFOs were mutually beneficial. Aliens got materials to repair their space vehicles, and Nazis gained new and knowledge and technologies from aliens. So, much of Germany’s scientific researches are considered to be achieved thanks to the information obtained from extraterrestrial civilizations.

Whatever happened to Dana Borisova, anyway?


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