Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dear Coach - Champions League

Ah, why not? Just as long as I don't call it Letters from Our Editors (the only one of which I remember is a letter, purportedly from Tanya Tucker, complaining that the T key on her typewriter prints the letter F - highbrow stuff, as you can see, and obviously from the 1970s).

Anyway, back to "Dear Coach," the feature from the coach that Annika wished she'd had when she was a kid. (Obviously wisdom is not present in the young.)

Dear Coach,

The Champions League game between AC Milan and Liverpool was a well-fought game. Did any of the players or coaches find anything to whine about?

T.J., Los Angeles

Well, yes:

"2138: Rafael Benitez is complaining to the referee that he didn't play the full three minutes of added time. Kaka is dancing around in a T-shirt which reads 'I belong to Jesus'....

"2142: Rafael Benitez is still having words with the officials."

I guess you can tell who won.


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