Thursday, April 26, 2007

At least there won't be any questions about their military service

Over the years, but especially during the last fifty years, there has been an observation of hypocrisy in some quarters about war. Namely, those political officials who say that a particular war is a good thing have been somewhat reluctant to have their own children go off to fight in said war.

"So," I was musing to myself, "when will Jenna and Barbara Bush go to Iraq?"

The people at pollyticks were thinking the same thing. Excerpts:

Faced with a Congressional bill that would set a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq, and apparently desperate to keep his floundering war going, President Bush announced today that his twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna Bush, will be going to Iraq in a few days.

"No one can say now that the President's own family isn't making a sacrifice for the Iraqis' freedom and for the war on terror," Bush told reporters outside the White House....

The president said that Jenna will be teaching Iraqi children to read while Barbara will be speaking to groups of Iraqi women about abstaining from alcohol.

"I think that's it, or maybe Jenna's the alcohol speaking one, or whatever," Bush laughed....

At this point, reporters saw the First Twins standing at an open window on the second floor of the White House, waving a large sign that read: "Help!!! Help!!! Being Kidnapped to Irag!!!" As reporters watched, two men dressed as security guards appeared in the window and forced the women away. Before the window slammed shut, Jenna screamed at her father, "Hell no, we won't go!"...


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