Friday, April 27, 2007

The Blackberry Ain't the Only Crack Around

So, this morning I started my day by grabbing my smartphone (Motorola Q, Verizon Wireless service) and sending a text message to to get a traffic report for my morning commute.

No response.

So I figured I'd test another text message by texting 4info to get the latest Dodgers score (already got the Lakers score yesterday evening).

No response.

Wondering if this was a sending problem (although all messages showed on my phone as being sent), I tried originating a message outside of the text messaging system. Specifically, I sent an e-mail from my work e-mail account to my personal e-mail account, knowing that this would automatically generate a Windows Live alert.

No alert received.

As you can see, I wasn't completely cut off from the outside world, since e-mail was still working. But I was cut off from text messaging (and still am, two hours later).

By the way, I solved my traffic issue via the mobile downloadable version of Google Maps. Avoided a potentially nasty problem on my commute.


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