Thursday, April 26, 2007

OK, I guess there is a Christine Penner

As I noted, and subsequently confirmed and confirmed and confirmed and confirmed, there's a common misconception that Mike Penner will use the byline "Christine Penner" when he/she returns from vacation. However, as was noted at the bottom of the L.A. Times article, the true byline will read "Christine Daniels."

But, after some searching, I did find a Christine Penner, a friend of Mark Oestreicher:

we had an amazing [Youth Specialties] staff party last sunday night....

during the meal, we revealed the winners of the costume competition (alex roller — dressed much like the male execs were made to be during karla’s poem, but with the addition of a long black wig and make-up that made him terrifying, and leslie lutes — dressed as a roasted pig, tied for first place. will and christine penner — dressed as tacky tourists — won third place).

And ironically, it wasn't Christine Penner that wore the long black wig and make-up.


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