Thursday, April 26, 2007

I remember Googlism. Let's revisit it.

Now that I have the Wings song (?) "Helen Wheels" stuck in my brain, I can reminisce about Googlism. I've been there before, you know, don't you?

So let's run Googlism for some of my more recent interests. Unfortunately, Googlism doesn't have enough information on Peter Berdovsky or Vincenzo Riccardi or Kiira Korpi or Don Bolles, but here's what they do have.

Los Angeles Times:

los angeles times is launching a new multimedia branding
los angeles times is highlighting local programs and organizations such as orangewood that address needs of youths and families in orange
los angeles times is southern california's largest daily newspaper
los angeles times is not in the grip of that ol’ debbil
los angeles times is the new deputy director of the hechinger institute at teachers college
los angeles times is the new deputy director of the hechinger institute
los angeles times is a pretty good newspaper


abba is"
abba is never enough
abba is the light in the swedish pop darkness
abba is now closed
abba is"
abba is taken from their first initials
abba is on

Charles Barkley:

charles barkley is adding some gas to the flames by flirting with a return as well
charles barkley is known for raising eyebrows with his controversial
charles barkley is a human party
charles barkley is a kind of a person who doesn't care what people
charles barkley is my favorite nba player
charles barkley is not going to get beaten that soon
charles barkley is sad that he will not be able to play anymore


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