Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boing Boing Got It Wrong - There Is No Christine Penner

No, Mike Penner won't start using the byline "Christine Penner," despite what Boing Boing says.

Here's a snip from a column filed today by Mike Penner of the Los Angeles Times, who will soon return from a vacation with a new identify: Christine Penner.

Boing Boing neglected to snip the end of the article:

So now we all will take a short break between bylines. "Mike Penner" is out, "Christine Daniels" soon will be taking its place.

Awful Announcing notes:

I'm more concerned about the fact that he can just change his last name like that (I could careless about the gender change). How is that even possible....I want a new last name.

Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies elaborates:

And if he's was going to change any part of his name, he should have just changed it to Fred Penner. That way, he could have his own Place, where he could crawl through a log, play his guitar and sing to children.

And we'll end our wandering here, in Fred Penner's diary.

Tomorrow I fly to Melbourne to connect with my friends Mike and Diane Jackson. We'll spend some time in Melbourne and then travel to a festival in Port Fairy.

Uh, let's stop there.


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