Monday, March 12, 2007

Jyrki Kasvi's Biography (not in Klingon)

Those who know me know that I appreciate the Espoo connection.

I stumbled into politics in 1994. I had been observing the Finnish society for a long time and I did not like what I was seeing. I was whining the stupidity of Finnish politicians, but I did not have any alternatives to offer. Finally I had to choose: Either I shut up or I put my money where my mouth is....

Originally, in 1994, I got involved with the people founding the new Young Finns Party. In the 1996 municipal elections I got elected to the Espoo city council, but three years later, the short story of the Young Finns Party was over, and I had to find a new political home.

The choice was easy, as I had already collaborated with the Greens in many issues. We were united by liberal values, tolerance and pluralism. The thing I cannot tolerate is intolerance.

Then we move on to America's "A Horse With No Name."

At the bottom of the Baltic Sea, there is the largest desert in Europe due to lack of oxygen caused by nutrient overload. Global warming is melting the Greenland glacier and arctic permafrost, which is disturbing the Atlantic Golf stream. If it stops, the average temperatures in Finland are going to cool by seven degrees.

But if Finland cools by seven degrees, who's gonna know the difference?


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