Saturday, February 10, 2007

MSN Photos Server - the workaround

In my survey of the various solutions to the MSN Photo Server problem, it seems that the most popular response was "don't use MSN Photos Server." For example:

From: Tommyunitedstates Sent: 12/25/2006 12:08 PM
Yes MSN is having problems with photo sharing I talked to them a few weeks ago they told me to send my photos as an attachment, but the work around I have been using is to go to my out box forward it to myself then I trim the FWD: stuff and the photos are there and send them of, you don't get the slid show but the photos get sent. Anyway photobucket is so much better, www. if we Waite for MSN my as well Waite for the cows to come home first....

However, these are not really solutions to the problem. After reading a similar "don't use MSN Photos Server" response, bigskyduck responded.

Shannon69's answer was a non-answer for anyone who knows anything about how nice the 'Share Photos' function is within MSN Premium e-mail.

This started a little war in the thread between bigskyduck and shannon69, but what else is new?


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