Saturday, February 10, 2007

MSN Photos Server - the solution, censored

I was overjoyed when it looked like I found a solution to the MSN Photos Server unavailability problem. But there was a catch.

moderated: Saturday February 10th, @03:33PM
reply to snevl

Re: MSN Photo Server Broke?

Just go to [removed] and run the fix. Make sure you're not signed into MSN at the time (so run it from IE). Issue resolved.

And yes, that word "[removed]" was literally there. It seems that the moderator had to step in due to rules of the board.

[Mod note - You can post a link to a page that contains a link to a file, but NO DIRECT LINKS. sash]

Unfortunately, once I began finding solutions to the problem (as you will see), all that I was able to find WERE direct links.


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