Friday, February 13, 2009

My Tracy Simers post for 2009

After reading a ReadWriteWeb post on Wikipedia's policies regarding blogs, and thinking back on Wikipedia's removal of my Tracy Simers article (she didn't meet the notoriety guideline or some such), I ended up doing a search for Simers. In the process, I found a Google cache of what might have been her last blog post at the AM 570 radio site. Dated May 18, 2008, it begins as follows:

With Roggin & Simers Squared off the air, I have now returned to a normal life. I'm back to my 10-key working as an accountant and that's okay with me. I check in with Fred every now and then through email and he's always got some new project that he's working on. Thankfully my dad and I are no longer co-workers and have found our way back to having the best father/daughter relationship of anyone I know. I was thrilled to see that Ginger Chan is now doing traffic on tv. Since the show's been off the air, I've taken a bit of a break from my sports watching. Would you believe I haven't seen all four quarters of any Laker game this season? And as for the Dodgers and Angels - are they playing? I did follow USC basketball - love Tim Floyd and Dad and I made our annual trip to Vegas for the first and second rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament. And I can definitely promise that my mini sports vacation will come to an end when football season comes back around.

For those who haven't heard of Tracy Simers - which, by definition, would be most of you - Simers is the daughter of Los Angeles Times sports columnist T.J. Simers. Tracy herself was not in the limelight until she joined her father for a weekend radio show a few years back. Eventually, the two Simers joined Los Angeles television sportscaster Fred Roggin, replacing Mancow, on a morning drive-time show on Los Angeles radio - a show that was eventually replaced by Dan Patrick (amid comments that T.J. Simers was tiring of the show anyway).

From the post, Tracy Simers appears to be happy with the way things turned out, both professionally and personally. This is good.

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