Saturday, January 31, 2009

An update on the now FOUR-blog Empoprises blog empire

Perhaps some of the readers of this blog may know about my side project, Empoprises. In essence, while this blog, mrontemp, is "all-encompassing," the Empoprises blogs are much more vertically-oriented, and only deal with one topic per blog.

In fact, the first two "Empoprises" blogs that I started are VERY vertically-oriented:

Now those two blogs are clearly of limited interest; for example, a French person would have no interest in either of these two blogs, since France is clearly outside of the Inland Empire, and NTN Buzztime has no sites in France.

But then I began thinking about my own personal interests, and began to branch out a bit.

The third Empoprises blog that I started was Empoprise-MU, devoted to music. That blog had a soft introduction on August 6, 2008, and started posting real music stories the next day. Those who have read mrontemp know that I've posted a lot of music items on this blog - over 400, as a matter of fact - so I figured that I've have something to say about music. Plus, if I may say so myself, as the founder of the lastfmfeeds room on FriendFeed (currently with 108 members viewing 50 "recently played tracks" feeds), I've certainly demonstrated my interest in the topic.

But if I've posted over 400 music items in mrontemp, it should also be noted that I've posted over 1200 business items on this blog. And as I found myself writing more and more about subjects such as what Apple should and should not disclose about Steve Jobs' health (sample post here), I began thinking that it was the appropriate time to add a business blog to the Empoprises empire. Again, this blog had a soft launch on Thursday, January 29, with real posts beginning on Friday, January 30.

So, what happens to mrontemp if I start putting all the business and music stuff elsewhere? I can only share my thoughts as of today, and you need to bear in mind that they could very well change tomorrow. (If you had asked me last April whether I would ever start a business or music blog, the answer would have been an emphatic "no.") So, here's my thinking:
  • There will still be business and music posts in mrontemp, as well as some Inland Empire and NTN Buzztime posts also. Obviously there won't be as many, but they'll be there, though the ones that end up here will probably be more personal, such as the wrap-up of the story about my Oracle OpenWorld Unconference presentation.

  • Incidentally, it's very possible that the Empoprise-BI blog may be my main posting ground for Oracle OpenWorld 2009, assuming that I actually go to Oracle OpenWorld 2009. Over the years I've shifted my Oracle OpenWorld posts from blog to blog - for example, my first Oracle OpenWorld posts were in an old blog called the Ontario Technoblog.

  • Which brings me to my next point - if you were to ask me today whether I'll be starting an Empoprises technology blog, my answer would be an emphatic "no." Frankly, there are a ton of tech blogs out there and, other than user experiences, my best contributions to technological blogging are on the business end of things.

  • Let's talk monetization. As you can see, all of the Empoprises blogs contain ads, while the mrontemp blog does not. Presently I plan to keep it that way, since an "all-encompassing" blog doesn't really lend itself to targeted ads. Incidentally, that's also why I haven't started an Empoprises religion blog, despite my clear interest in the topic. At present I feel a little funny making money off of God. Not that I quibble with religious bloggers who do carry advertisements, and it's possible that I may change my mind someday, but not now. (And in case you're wondering, yes I used to have a religion blog also.)

  • So will mrontemp (and, for that matter, the "Ontario Emperor" name) become a mere personal blog/face to the world, with Empoprises becoming less personal? Yes and no. Frankly, I have more fun when I write Empoprises posts from a personal perspective. For better or worse, the Empoprises blogs will focus on my thoughts about business, music, and the like.
Well, that's about it for this point except for the RSS subscription links. Here are the feeds for the four (at present) Empoprises blogs: (Empoprise-BI, business) (Empoprise-IE, Inland Empire) (Empoprise-MU, music) (Empoprise-NTN, NTN Buzztime)

I look forward to your subscriptions, your visits, and your comments.

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