Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brazil - Gateway to the Reeks!

The following post is of philatelic interest, and is sourced from Stamps of Distinction.

There have been many attempts to improve the revenue-generating power of the postage stamp. Some countries will do almost anything to sell postage stamps, especially to hoarders or collectors, who in turn will never use them. This represents a nearly 100% profit for the postal administration.

The post then details a number of scented stamps, most sweet-smelling (except for one that is sweet and sour smelling). But there's one exception:

Brazil's Burnt-Wood-Scented Stamps.

While other stamps may use sweet smells in an effort to sell stamps, Brazil's first scented stamp was used to bring awareness to the damages of forest fires.

In 1999, Brazil issued a set of 4 stamps smelling of burnt wood. The stamps feature an anteater, a flower, leaf, and a burnt tree trunk, each of which indicates what is at risk when a forest burns. The odor was meant to make people keenly aware of the dangers of careless fires and their impact on the environment. The stamp set was part of Brazil's forest fire prevention efforts.

This stamp shows an indigenous anteater that would be at risk in the event of a forest fire.

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