Monday, November 10, 2008

We may be clinging to our guns and religion, but some of us aren't clinging to our landlines

I recently got an email from someone in my church that began as follows:

A month or so ago we disconnected our home phone line and now use cell phones only.

Personally, one disadvantage of this approach is that you no longer have a "family" phone number. If you want to speak to someone in the family, you have to choose one person to whom to speak. And what if you want to deliver something to my house? You might call me on my cell to see if I'm home, and I might be in Louisville or San Francisco or somewhere.

So I think we still need to work the kinks out of this whole "dump landlines" arrangement, Or maybe it's just non-trendy horse-and-buggy thinking on my part, and people will marvel at the days when you weren't able to telephone a specific person.

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