Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to chill - it's hover (I mean "over")


OK, there's got to be a morning after, and this is it.

Worldwide reaction is pouring in regarding Obama's election (I just heard from someone in Europe), and, for what it's worth, the world is excited.

The people in Europe are excited.

Dear President Obama, Europe has high hopes for you. Almost certainly too high.

With the exception of a few of our east European brethren, we will be delighted to see the end of President George W. Bush and his 'my way or the highway' unilateral leadership style.

Your election has created enormous excitement in Europe and you can expect an immediate lift in America's international image, which will make it easier for us to give public support to your policies and to U.S. leadership in global security.

We look forward to a president who consults his allies -- and don't forget we are your most reliable democratic partners -- and who works with us, where possible through international institutions, to achieve our common goals.

The people in Kenya are excited.

Barack Obama's 87-year-old grandmother, Sarah Obama, and her family ran out of their house in the western Kenyan village of Nyang'oma-Kogelo and started dancing when they heard the news of his election as U.S. president.

(Aside: I didn't realize Obama's paternal grandmother's name was Sarah. Heh.)

The people in Obama, Japan are excited.

The sleepy Japanese fishing town of Obama went wild on Wednesday as locals gathered to celebrate namesake Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election.

More than a hundred residents gathered to watch the vote count on television in a public hall in the middle of the day, and chanted "Obama, Obama!" as the result was announced on a news programme.

Some were clad in hula costumes in honour of Obama's birthplace in Hawaii. Others showed up wearing "I love Obama" T-shirts.

The town has taken advantage of the name -- one of many named Obama, or "small beach" in Japanese -- to launch products from fish burgers and steamed cakes to chopsticks.

And I'm sure that the people in Los Angeles are excited.

No, not the one in South California. They got one in South Patagonia. Heh.

So let's all board our hovercraft and drift to the Land of Change...

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