Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm trying to keep this song stuck in my head

After hearing the song "Los Angeles" on and off for years, I found the lyrics at the Frank Black website.

Turns out the uninteresting middle of the song is more interesting than I thought.

The middle is bracketed by the two slow sections, with nearly identical lyrics. Here's the beginning:

I met a man
He was a good man
Sailing and shoring
Dancing the beta can-can
Making me foreign
Oh yeah

The beginning was (almost) the end (of everything now):

I met a man
He was a good man
Sailing and shoring
He got a betatron man
Talking that foreign
Oh yeah

(Yes, devotees, I'm stuck on it.)

But it turns out that Black was having fun in the middle of the song too - here's an excerpt:

I want to live in Los Angeles
Not the one in Los Angeles
No not the one in South California
They got one in South Patagonia

Yes, we truly have a geography post in this here blog. Check the Wikipedia disambiguation, which references (among other things) Los Angeles, Chile, which was founded in 1739 (making it older than you know where).


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