Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KOET Undead - Not the Doors, but the Door (Maybe)

Yet another in my video series - a rap music video about Martin Luther, just in time for Reformation Day.

John of Locusts & Honey is right - this video is of high quality. Frankly, it's of better quality than the two Lutheran videos that I posted previously (although I like the riff on the second of the two).

But back to the video above - there's an associated web site that lists facts and inaccuracies relative to the video. One of these items is one that is not only reflected in the video, but in almost every portrayal of Martin Luther.

Did Luther actually nail his Theses to the door? Church doors often served as bulletin boards in the 16th century, though some argue that Luther only sent copies of the 95 theses to Pope Leo X, the Archbishop of Mainz, and others. For more information, read Edwin Iserloh's The Theses Were Not Posted: Luther Between Reform and Reformation (Boston: Beacon Press, 1968). ["When I wrote the 95, haters straight-up assailed 'em, now they only care whether or not I nailed 'em or mailed 'em."]

Well, perhaps he had Gutenberg print up a few. Oh, wait a minute...

Although the printing press made it possible to disseminate Luther's ideas, Luther and Gutenberg never knew each other. Gutenberg died in 1468, more than 15 years before Luther's birth. ["Shout out to Johann Gutenberg...I see you baby!"]

So much for THAT theory.

Incidentally, the complete set of lyrics to the video is here.

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