Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And the votes are coming in...or not

Because this blog reaches a worldwide audience, I must make sure that I don't make assumptions. Therefore, I want to make sure that all of my readers know that we in the United States are having an election for President a little less than a week from now.

There, that's out of the way.

I'm one of those stick-in-the-mud oddballs who likes to vote on Election Day itself whenever possible. However, in many jurisdictions you can vote before Election Day, and some people are taking advantage of this.

While Dave Winer has not revealed his entire ballot, he did show his Presidential vote. However, if you've been reading Scripting News over the last year, you didn't need photo confirmation to know that he voted for Alan Keyes. (I'm kidding.)

David Risley has not voted yet, but, unlike Winer, Risley plans to vote for John McCain. Not that Risley has any illusions about McCain:

Both of these candidates are pretty big-government guys. But, it is clear to me that Obama is the worse of the two.

Rod Dreher linked to an electronic copy of the November 3, 2008 edition of the American Conservative. It includes the voting plans for 18 conservatives. Here's Dreher's take:

This will be the first year since I was old enough to vote that I will not cast a ballot in a presidential election. I quote a character from Richard Linklater’s “Slacker” in my defense: “Withdrawing in disgust is not the same thing as apathy.”

Dreher then states why he won't be voting for Barack Obama, and why he won't be voting for John McCain.

But Risley and Dreher are limiting themselves. Let's look at some other American conservatives:

Peter Brimelow is voting for Chuck Baldwin, as is Joseph Sobran.

Leonard Liggio is voting for Bob Barr, as is John Schwenkler.

Daniel McCarthy is voting for Ron Paul.

Steve Sailer is voting for Ward Connerly.

But John Patrick Diggins, Francis Fukuyama, Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, Scott McConnell, and Robert A. Pape are all voting for another candidate - Barack Obama.

This is an interesting year, in which the conservatives aren't conservative, the true conservatives are at war, and Ralph Nader is saner than some of the other third party candidates. (I can't find the editorial that asserted this, but the person may be right.)

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