Thursday, October 2, 2008

The dangers of subtlety with newcomers

Last May, I wrote a post that quoted liberally from a list entitled "Top Ten Reasons for Faking Your Location."

The title of my post? "Of course I live in Ontario, Canada. Why do you ask?"

This is a subtle reference to the fact that when people first hear the name "Ontario Emperor," they usually assume that I am Canadian. (The name refers to a city in California.)

Unfortunately, a Polish person read the title, took it at face value, and asked me advice about transferring from an Irish college to a Canadian college.

I regretfully had to inform the person that I did not have any such information.

Considering the way I like to play with post titles, I'm probably going to get myself in REAL trouble as the web becomes more popular worldwide.

But I can have trouble the other way. Some Americans may be puzzled by my post title Debra Lilley gets a lift from the Oracle Mix community. (Debra is from the United Kingdom. Enough said.)

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