Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tony, that's a bad choice of a name

As Joe McDonnell leaves KLAC, Tony Bruno moves in with his new show.

And its unfortunate name.

The name of the show? "Into the Night with Tony Bruno."

It sounds like an OK, descrptive name...until someone like me with a long memory points out that there used to be a TV show with a similar name.

"Into the Night with Rick Dees."

Let's see what the readers of Jump the Shark had to say about Dees' television effort.

Rick Dees should be strung up by his toenails and beaten severely around the face and testicles (if he has any) until he is unrecognizable. He is one of the most obnoxious radio personalities ever and deserves the fore-mentioned punishment just for the song Disco Duck if nothing else.

None of the personality or talent of Casey Kasem....

I saw a few of these shows and the best was when Paulie Shore was guest. When Paulie makes the show funny then you know you have a lemon on your hands. RIP Dees you loser....

rick dees has little to no talent and the show was horrible, doing lame radio bits on television, like anyone would care about that, rick dees sucks and the show sucks and that's that, and he doesn't compare to conan o'brien at all, you moron, rick dees was the worst, he made asskissio hall seem like david letterman, terrible, horrific, thank god the show is off and now that howard stern is here in california (he has been for a while), rick has hardly any gigs except bad infomercials about cd complilations of his lame, one-hit wonder, girly music, lame, lame, rick dees sucked and whoever liked the show, sucks too...and his sweaters were the worst....

My only recollection of the show was one night in which he was giving away a prize of a bunch of cash. In other words, he was bribing people to watch him on TV, in the same way that he bribed (and still bribes) people to listen to him on the radio. Whenever people complain about Ryan Seacrest, I counter with the undisputed fact that Ryan Seacrest took Rick Dees off the air...for a time...

But judge for yourself. Here is Rick Dees introducing...a male Madonna impersonator.

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