Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joe McDonnell and Tony Bruno know the precarious nature of the radio business

As I established in my earlier Joe McDonnell leaves KLAC post, both Joe McDonnell and Tony Bruno have shifted from radio station to radio station over the years. But while looking to see if former partner Doug Krikorian (McDonnell Douglas - geddit?) had anything to say in his column about McDonnell's departure (he didn't), I ran across this September 26 article from Tom Hoffarth which referenced both McDonnell's and Bruno's feelings at this juncture:

How's this for throwing out a big, nasty rumor? Joe McDonnell, whose contract was not renewed at KLAC-AM (570) this week, could be the best candidate to head back to KSPN-AM (710) and take over the woeful weekday drive-time spot.

"In this business, I don't rule anything out," said McDonnell....

"I don't revel in any one else's misery," said Bruno, a Philadelphia native formerly of ESPN and Fox radio networks more accustomed to morning-drive shifts. "I've been in the same place before. I don't want Joe's job. I guess things worked here for a reason. It took eight months but now I'll be working at the best sports-radio station in L.A. They have a solid lineup and a plan.

"This has been a tough business. I love to work, I want to work, and I need to work to be in L.A. and not losing my beach house now is key. I didn't want to have to foreclose like Ed McMahon because I knew Donald Trump wouldn't bail me out."

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