Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some traffic you just don't want

I was peeking at my Google Analytics stats for the last few days, and, as expected, my Oracle OpenWorld 2008 posts are getting a lot of traffic.

However, I also noticed that this post is also getting a lot of traffic.

Which is unfortunate.

You see, the post above was written on November 9, 2007, after the last Finnish school shooting.

It's happened again. Finland for Thought:

There have been reports of shots fired at the vocational education centre campus in Kauhajoki, South Ostrobothnia, Finland. The police reports that a 20-year old student of the college has fired shots and there are casualties....

The Minister of the Interior Anne Holmlund released during the press conferece of the Cabinet that the suspect, Matti Saari born 1986 had been interviewed on Monday by the police in relation to the shooting videos on YouTube he had placed there on Friday. The police had found no reason to withdraw the permit nor remove the guns from his possession. Minister Holmlund said that this process will be looked into.

Hopefully Westboro "Baptist" Church will find better things to do, but I doubt it.

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