Friday, November 9, 2007

Westboro Baptist Church Doing Satan's Work

I'd go to the Westboro Baptist Church site, but MegaCorp blocks access to it. Good for them. So I'm relying on Finland for Thought for the news of Fred Phelps' latest picket:

Thank God for 9 dead Finns.
WBC to picket Helsinki....

The tragedy at Jokela High School, Tuusula, - like the destructive Tsunami that killed thousands of Swedes - was sent by an angry God - punishing you atheistic Scandinavians for pushing the fag agenda.

Now I tend to be on the libertarian side in religious freedom debates, and figure that there's no harm in letting all the religions share their views, since I know what will happen in the end. (I'll grant that I'm influenced by an anti-Arminian theology that presumes that God calls humans, rather than humans calling God.) Still, it's something to see the "good" that Westboro Baptist Church is doing for Christ's cause. Here's a comment that was in Finland for Thought about Westboro Baptist Church:

They’re obvious proof that there is no God, because if there was, she’d have these inbreed c----s aborted in their mother’s womb.

Way to live up to Matthew 28:19, Fred.

P.S. When Fred Phelps dies, I wonder if Westboro Baptist Church will picket HIS funeral. After all, Phelps has an unhealthy homosexual obsession - that has to mean something.

[9 NOV 2007: UPDATE.]

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unitedcats said...

"Reverend" Phelps is one of the best exams of my maxim: Satan does his finest work in the name of the Lord.