Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dave didn't say it would be like this

There are a bunch of people who have YouTube accounts (I'm one of them). Today I became aware of the YouTube account of Ryan (Fr3sHakaClutCh).

Ryan's listed hometown is Dallas, Texas, and lists his school as Duncanville High School. Duncanville is a suburb of Dallas.

His hobbies include "Music, Sports, Computers, The Snare, Games, Fitness, girls." He likes a lot of different shows and bands; just check his YouTube profile.

As of this afternoon he's posted nine videos, including some "Call of Duty" stuff and "Baby Techno Dancer" (his most popular video). His third most popular video is called Crazy Lettuce.

Wow, that's kinda neat, how the lettuce eat the burger with those square patties. Hmm...square patties.

And Ryan even put a URL at the end for a site called


By clicking submit you agree to receive an email from Wendy’s ®.

d00d, Ryan's gone corporate.

Well, I'd go on and talk about Ryan's most popular video, but Silicon Alley Insider didn't really care about Baby Techno Dancer. They're more into lettuce.

Let's face it, if making a viral video were easy, everyone would do it. But it isn't and that's why corporate advertising disguised as amateur YouTube video rarely strikes a chord of, say, Levi's unbuttoned videos.

Silicon Alley Insider then links to AdAge.

Wendy's worked with Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, New York, on the video, which shows a head of lettuce devouring a Baconator sandwich (two beef patties, two slices of cheese and six slices of bacon). The work is its first effort in the space and a stark departure for the chain, which made its name by way of simple homespun ads by the company's founder, Dave Thomas.

So far, results for the film are mixed. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive on MySpace, where it has received 82,000 views, and heavily negative on YouTube, where it picked up about 16,000....

It could be a matter of audience. Jeff Taylor, a 23-year-old who blogs at, said he doesn't think the video will track with Gen Y....The finicky demographic hates to be marketed to, and on YouTube, the film is prominently flagged as a viral video for Wendy's.

If you're interested, the MySpace video (this time by Chuck) can be found here. It's also on MetaCafe (Entourage Season 5) and (from Dr. Chuck Muttonham, blocked by my employer's firewall).

Oh, and it's also on, from the username Fr3sHakaClutCh and with a reference to a MySpace account As usual for a 15 year old, the account is private.

So we don't really know who Ryan is, or whether he spirited Sarah Le Clear away.

P.S. If you are wondering why I ripped off Fritz Coleman's old tagline, it's probably because of this post about American weathermen that I read at Independent Sources. Not that I have an eye for European weatherwomen. Not at all.

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