Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm catching up on things that I read previously. This is something that Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote back on August 13.

Want to go to fewer meetings at work? By making group decision making faster, easier and more accountable, new app Zapproved may help you avoid hours of painful face to face drudgery or endless email loose ends and get back to work.

Zapproved's web site is here.

But will it work in the enterprise? Remember that large enterprises make sure that you don't install unapproved web browsers on company computers. So how do you convince your corporate IT guy that Zapproved is safe and won't expose critical company information to a hacker in Ossetia? Well, let's ask:

Is Zapproved secure?

Yes, we've worked hard to make sure that every aspect of Zapproved is secure:

* Our servers are operated in a scalable, redundant SAS-70 compliant data center with 24×7 monitoring.

* Our application uses best-practice security methodologies to protect your information and identity.

* Our system never stores your actual password — our support staff will gladly help you reset your password but will never know what it is.

* We maintain detailed audit logs to flag unusual behavior so that we can help protect against abuse of our system.

* Your contacts are only visible to yourself (and our support staff if you need assistance).

* If you ever have concerns about security or would like to learn more, please let us know at support@zapproved.com!

Perhaps it's just me, but this doesn't sound like a sales pitch to a Fortune 500 IT manager.

But if I find an opportunity to try it, I probably will.

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