Monday, August 18, 2008

Refuse tithes from the war machine, or the abortion machine, or whatever

This raises an interesting question.

Pastor David Tarkington of the First Baptist Church of Orange Park (Orange Park is a suburb of Jacksonville, Florida) is showing pastors what integrity is all about when it comes to gifts. And he's showing that even very large gifts - given to the pastor or to the church - sometimes aren't worth accepting if its possible that the gift might cast a shadow on the church....

A news report came out today that Pastor Tarkington...has refused a $600,000 gift to his church from Robert Powell, who recently won $6 million in the Florida Lotto and attempted to give a tithe to Tarkington's church.

OK, here's my question - what gift is worthy enough for a church to accept, if these rules are applied?

For example, should a church accept gifts from Senators McCain and Obama - employees of a nation that kills and starves people all the time?

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