Monday, August 25, 2008

Putting the "un" into "unconference"

When Jake Kuramoto read my thoughts regarding presenting at the Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Unconference, he noted that perhaps the Unconference was being taken a little too seriously. He explained his thinking in more detail in a post on the Oracle AppsLab blog:

Where are the fun sessions? Did I miss the memo that said the Unconference had to be straight-laced and serious? If you’ve been to a BarCamp or any other standard unconference, you’ll know there are inevitably light-hearted and humorous sessions. That’s part of the experience IMHO.

Brian "Bex" Huff (Bexmex) responded:

My "Communication For Geeks" talk will be fun... I promise to tell jokes and swear a lot.

But will he swear in English, or swear in Geek? ("404 Brain"?)

To find out, I guess we'll have to go to Overlook II on Wednesday at 11:00 am.

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