Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I thought the new tools would give us MORE information

I just received the following email:

I'm a recruiter with Pearson, and I'm excited to talk to you about some of our new job openings that might be a great fit for your skills.

Take a look at our current openings by following the link below, and let us know if you're interested. If none of these openings are a fit for you, feel free to forward them to people you know.

Gwen Simpson

Curious to see what Gwen thought my skills were, I clicked on the link that was provided to me. Note that this is only a subset of the 6 jobs available:

Research Associate
Tulsa, OK and Iowa City, IA
Last updated on 8/13/08

Research Scientist
Iowa City, IA
Last updated on 8/13/08

Statistical Analyst
Bloomington, MN
Last updated on 8/13/08

So apparently Pearson thinks I'm a statistician, interesting in relocating to the Midwest.

They are 100% wrong.

Why do modern companies have such a huge problem targeting their messages?

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