Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Empoprises is succinct and all-encompassing also

Perhaps some of you have heard of my side project, Empoprises. Unlike this blog, in which everything is thrown in the blender and a nice tasty shake comes out, the Empoprises project consists of several vertical-interest blogs.

I spent my lunch hour today writing some things for the Empoprises blogs.

The Empoprise-NTN blog is dedicated to NTN Buzztime issues (they're the restaurant/bar trivia game people), and I can truthfully say that it is the leading blog about NTN Buzztime. That's because it is, to my knowledge, the only blog about NTN Buzztime. Today's contribution to this blog is a post entitled "The new team retracts," about NTN Buzztime's second quarter results and withdrawal from the United Kingdom (again). (And if you think NTN Buzztime is for dummies, stay tuned to the blog.)

I definitely had some things to add to my Empoprise-IE blog (about the Inland Empire of California). Check out Old stereotypes never die, which is about meth, and Those Aren't Pines in Pinyon Pines, which isn't.

Finally, there's my newest blog, Empoprise-MU. I hesitated about creating this blog for a while, since music is obviously covered in all sorts of places, but then I figured that since I spent a lot of time talking about music (and creating FriendFeed rooms such as the lastfmfeeds room), I might as well throw music into the Empoprises mix also. Today's post in this blog examines the question What is music?. (If I'm writing a music blog, I guess that's a fair question.)

Note that these blogs do not appear on the Ontario Emperor FriendFeed. I have set up a special Empoprises FriendFeed account with all sorts of NTN Buzztime and Inland Empire items, and I'm slowly expanding the music items available.

Currently I'm going slow on creating Empoprises blogs (another reason why I hesitated on Empoprise-MU: I wasn't sure if I was ready for a third blog yet), but I may choose to add some blogs in the future. At present, I'm refraining from establishing blogs on certain topics because of conflict of interest issues, but I can probably still find other things to write about over there.

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