Friday, August 22, 2008

Cyfranogi, and Heroes and Hero Reporters at 3rd Ave and 42nd St

Back on July 28, I wrote the post "From Chris Messina to Andrius Kulikauskas to Christian economic thought." That post resulted in a Disqus reply from...Andrius Kulikauskas, who suggested that I visit the Yahoo! group Cyfranogi.

While perusing the group, I found a link to this item at

News of hero reports caused a stir around the Worldchanging office yesterday. The creator, MIT doctoral candidate Alyssa Wright, hopes that her project can help build public confidence, raise property values in areas where goodwill is prevalent, and just plain improve the collective world view, by collecting and mapping citizens' reports of courageous acts performed by regular folks in New York City....

Wright hopes to collect at least 1,944 reports of citizen courage....Her project makes a searchable database out of the resulting reports (currently they've attracted 259), where viewers can even see the random acts of courage located on a map. It's the polar opposite of sites like, and it produces a completely different view of the world beyond your front door.

I was last in New York in 2005, and I looked for a hero report in the neighborhood where we were staying. I found this one at 3rd Avenue and E 42nd Street. I can't quote from it, but apparently a girl jumped down to the subway tracks to save a cat...and then the person who reported it got some leftover food from a building security guard.

Hero reporters need love too.

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