Tuesday, July 8, 2008

They ain't gonna stand for it

The whole Anglican unpleasantness serves to illustrate the end of the days in which we, the enlightened people in the West, offer paternal guidance to our less fortunate neighbors to the South. Let's face it, the South is sending Christian missionaries to the North. And we certainly need them.

So while the religious world undergoes a sea change in thought, the political world hasn't quite caught up yet. Yesterday, Jamie at Eye of Polyphemus wrote this:

But people are starving all over the world, so famine is an issue worthy of attention even if I have doubts G8 nations need to ration food as much as the UK's prime Minister Gordon Brown is urging his countrymen to do. but what impact is it having on the catering at the G8 summit?

Um, none whatsoever, as the Independent noted. The article goes into excruciating detail on the main banquet, then talks about a so-called "working lunch":

The G8 leaders had earlier made do with a “working lunch” of white asparagus and truffle soup; kegani crab; supreme of chicken; and cheese and coffee with petit fours. The lubrication of choice, for those drinking, was Chateau Grillet 2005.

But the delicious (heh) irony was noted by Jamie:

Visiting dignitaries from Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Senegal-- where famine is a most pointed issue--were not invited to attend the meal.

The title of Jamie's post was "Let Them Eat Cake." Anyone with a sense of history has to wonder if this is prophetic.

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