Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Revisiting the world of Finnish ladies' figure skating

You can't skate all the time, as Finnice noted:

The Finnish skaters have succeeded in getting to university. Susanna Pöykiö starts to study Finnish language at the University of Oulu and Kiira Korpi has gotten a place in Tampere School of Economics and Business Admistration.

Meanwhile, someone with the non-subtle name Olympic looked at the TRUE final, to be held in Vancouver two years from now. Here's the Finnish part of the analysis:

Should Kiira Korpi- be considered a medal threat at all? Is Laura Lepisto goiing to be the new 'it' girl from Finland? Moving up and firmly ahead of Korpi by 2010? Should we stick a fork in Susanna Poykio?

The thing is, unless one of the three loses her leg in a bizarre reindeer-mauling accident, it's impossible at this time to predict who will be the Finnish representative(s) in Vancouver. Come back in the spring of 2010.

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