Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Plumbing the Depths - 23 July 2004, California Casino Entertainment

Back in 2004, the hot news was the whole Annie Jacobsen "Terror in the Skies" thing, which ended up publicizing famed entertainer Nour Mehana.

Four years ago today, on July 23, 2004, I wrote a post that listed the luminaries, other than Mehana, who were performing at the Sycuan Casino & Resort's Showcase Theatre. You know, Foghat, Tony Orlando, tribute bands, and the like. Just one week after Mehana performed, Carrot Top graced the stage.

Well, Carrot Top's since moved to the Luxor in Vegas. So who's going to be at the Sycuan's Showcase Theatre in the future? Well, other than Foghat, we have these artists:

July 25 Ronnie Milsap On Sale Now!
July 30 Fight Night at Sycuan On Sale Now!
Aug. 9 Rita Moreno CANCELLED
Aug. 22 - 24 The Flying Karamazov Brothers On Sale Now!

Note that the cancelled performer is Rita Moreno, not Rita Moreno of Arte.

As for Nour Mehana, this video was posted to YouTube earlier this year.

Would someone tell that woman in the video to cover up some skin?

And, by the way, Nour Mehana has not been deemed to be worthy of his own Wikipedia article, despite his notoriety. (He's mentioned in the Diana Karazon article.) So Nour Mehana joins Tracy Simers in the list of people who are interesting to me, but do not meet the standards of Jimmy Wales.

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