Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On Loren Feldman's statement about Shel Israel and FastCompany

Loren Feldman shared an interesting comment on FriendFeed last night, along with his editorial observations:

shel israel let go by fastcompany. No longer involved due to the continued trainwreck.

I hadn't heard any such story before, so I immediately asked:


Feldman responded:

I got people in SAP and FastCompany kinda like a Tyler Durden thing.

Since I'm not a movie person, the reference was lost on me. Feldman continued:

Anyway SAP was livid at last weeks show, demanded that Shel is gone. He was hated at Fast Company so no one really cares there.

Feldman, not the shy and retiring type, went on with other editorial comments which you can see here.

But Feldman has not been the only person who has been critical of Shel Israel...and Robert Scoble...at WorkFast TV. Scott Parent:

It’s a trainwreck. First off, the vibe of the show is totally off. You have Scoble as the only one dressed in a suit and tie, while the rest are dressed more casually. Additionally his laptop is covered in tech stickers which totally negates any business look he’s trying to create. Second, the banter between Israel and Scoble is painfully hard to watch. Instead of being friends, you’d swear they met 5 minutes before the show. Attempts at jokes fall flat and are awkwardly laughed off. As a viewer it is uncomfortable to watch. Finally, the format is flawed. They sit around a table with the guest. While they’re bantering back and forth, the guest is sitting there uncomfortably wondering what to do with themselves. By the time they start referring to the guest in the third person, you start to cringe.

Parent then referred to the whole comment deletion controversy which I previously addressed.

For the record, I didn't have any problem with Scoble's and Israel's performance on the much-maligned Timothy Ferriss interview. So I thought I'd check the latest video to see how Scoble and Israel performed.

A tie-less Robert Scoble actually began to talk to the guest before fifty seconds had elapsed, which was one of the criticisms of the earlier shows. Scoble then began to interview Matt Rissell of TSheets.

Notice anything missing? Or, more specifically, notice anyone missing?

Presumably this is old news and I just missed it. One would think that Shel Israel's absence from a WorkFast TV show would result in a bit of commentary.

When was this discussed before? Or does Loren Feldman truly have a scoop?

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