Friday, July 18, 2008

Beyond McBama - Whatever happened to John Cox?

I'm continuing to work through my checklist. Rather than looking at infighting on the left left, I figured I'd follow up on something that I covered previously.

I went to John Cox's website, but it doesn't appear that any new content has been added since February 25, 2008. Which is better than MySpace; no one's logged in to the Cox MySpace account since December 1, 2007.

In times such as this, one needs to follow the money, or lack thereof.

The Federal Election Commission has financial records for the Cox campaign. When you look at the individual contributions, you find 14 donations, the last in August 2007. At least Cox believed in his own campaign; not quite at Hillary level, but he did loan $600,000 to it.

But you can buy a John H. Cox button on CafePress. With his name and all. And CafePress even suggests some other buttons that you might like...all for Barack Obama.

However, Cox did appear on a local public access show in April 2008. Excerpts from the summary of the show:

Jeff Berkowitz: John, help that Democratic voter in the Primary. Is Hillary saying the same thing as Barack? Or, is she different?

John Cox: No, I think Obama makes the correct assertion that Hillary is part of the problem. She is not going to solve the problem; She is going to perpetuate it.

A YouTube video of the appearance is here.

And no, I haven't watched it yet; I still have an obligation to watch the Matt Rissell video first.

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