Monday, June 23, 2008

Wow...update on the lastfmfeeds FriendFeed room

A few hours ago, I set up the lastfmfeeds room in FriendFeed as a repository for the "recently played tracks" feeds from myself, and hopefully others.

So far there are three of us sharing our feeds (I'm waiting for permission to add a fourth feed), and the results are already astounding - especially since the three of us have different scrobbling styles. While I usually just let my playlist play things at random, Michael and Joanmarie tend to play several tracks from the same artist.

If you'd like to read and comment on the tracks we're playing, please join the lastfmfeeds room. And if you'd like me to add your feed, please leave your lastfm user name in the room and I'll add the feed. (As mentioned previously, I only add feeds upon request.)

P.S. I have initially been sharing the news of this room with people who are already streaming all their "recently played tracks" into FriendFeed. While many FriendFeed/ users are only using the built-in capability to share your "loved" tracks, it is also possible to stream all of your tracks into your FriendFeed account, or into the lastfmfeeds room, or anywhere you like. You just need to get the appropriate feed. For example, if you go to my "ontarioemperor" profile and look below the list of recently played tracks, you will see a picklist of "feeds." The first feed, RSS, links to the URL (You can consider as the front end to Just paste that URL into FriendFeed as a "blog," and you can irritate your friends too (unless, of course, you share the URL in the lastfmfeeds room instead).

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