Monday, May 26, 2008

Who says that French fries are unhealthy?

This Reuters story is appearing in Google News:

J.R. Simplot, the billionaire founder of the Boise, Idaho-based agriculture business that bears his name and who helped make French fries a staple of the American diet and waistline, died on Sunday...

Ah, but there's more: the age of 99, officials said.

And Simplot was associated with probably the most famous French fries of all:

Simplot's most well-known business venture began with a handshake. In 1967, Simplot and McDonald's founder Ray Kroc shook hands and agreed the Simplot Company would provide frozen French fries to the expanding fast-food chain.

But Simplot didn't stay restricted to French fries. He also invested in chips.

In 1980, he provided seed money to a small Boise-based computer chip manufacturer, Micron Technology. Micron is now one of Idaho's largest publicly traded companies.

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