Monday, May 26, 2008

Next - Thierry Henry joins the New York Yankees

I'll never understand soccer - I mean football.

They seem to be very trigger-happy in that sport. Avram Grant's firing this weekend for only achieving a second place finish is only topped by Fabio Cappello's firing from Real Madrid last year for only achieving a first place finish.

And I thought American football owners were crazy.

But you also have players moving, or not moving, or thinking about moving, or shooting their mouths off, or what. (Oh, wait a minute - we had that in Laker-land last summer.)

Well, enter Cristiano Ronaldo. Or exit Cristiano Ronaldo. Or whatever.

When would be the ideal time for Manchester United to sell Cristiano Ronaldo? Right before Euro 08? After it? Next year? In 5 years?

One feels that if Ferguson [from Manchester United] met Calderon and Schuster [from Real Madrid] in a jungle he’d club them to death....

But this all Madrid and United - what about the player himself?

For starters, read / hear the full interviews that he gives. You’ll see that most of it is about how much he wants to stay, how he loves Old Trafford and his friends there. A little bit is about ‘never knowing what the future holds’. I’d expect an extremely ambitious player to say that. He wants to be the best and play in the best team in the world, and if that doesn’t happen for him then he’ll jump.

More here.

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