Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tweeting and Storming

What does this mean?

At about 1:37 pm, software developer Dave Winer asked the Twitterverse: “Explosion in Falls Church, VA?”...

Twitter users continued to pile on, pointing out data from the Maryland Geological Survey and adding their own commentary. Twitterer DataG wrote: “After the ‘Falls Church explosion’ event that was covered on Twitter, I saw the value in having a Twitter account at-the-ready.”

By 2:56 pm — nearly 90 minutes after Winer’s initial alert — WTOP had the official word from the U.S. Geological Survey: A not-exactly-massive 1.8 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter near Annandale, VA.

Forget the "Twitter spreads information quickly" story du jour; what the heck was the reason for an earthquake happening in Annandale? I'm sure that America Needs Fatima would attribute this to the abortion views of Barack Obama, but wouldn't God have targeted the earthquake to occur in North Carolina?

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